How do I add a DNS-record?
To create a DNS-record (like Redirect, Cname or MX-record) you log in to your account, press My domains, Manage and then DNS/ Redirect. Under the existing DNS-record you find a dropdown menu with an A. Click on it, select the record you want to add, enter the values and confirm. Please note that you can only insert DNS-records here as long as the domain uses Name ISPs name servers.
How do I change name servers?
To change name servers, log in to your account and click My Domains. The next step is to select the domains you want to change, and then select Change Name Server. Enter the desired name servers and press Save All. Then you go to the cart in the top right corner and follow the instructions to create an order. Note that name server changes may take up to 48 hours.
Will my DNS-records disappear if I restore an expired domain?
When you restore an expired domain, all DNS-records that you have previously entered will remain in place.
How do I enable DNSSEC for my domain?
To activate DNSSEC, go to My Domains, click on the domain name and then on DNSSEC. Press the Activate DNSSEC-button. The status of DNSSEC will change to Your zone is currently being signed with DNSSEC and it takes up to 48 hours. Once this time has passed, go back to DNSSEC and click Publish to complete the process.
How do I create GLUE records for my domain?
To create GLUE records, log in to your account, press My Domains and then Manage. Enter the GlueRecords you want in Change name server followed by IPv4-number in the field next to it. (format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where x is replaced by number). Press Save all and go to the cart in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to create the order. Please note that changes to GLUE records can take up to 48 hours.
Is it possible to use your nameservers even if you are not the registrar for the domain?
Yes, that is possible. We have two options, either our Premium DNS or Standard DNS. Instructions on how to order any of the mentioned and the current fee can be obtained by contacting our support.
How do I change the nameservers while DNSSEC is active?
In case you wish to change the nameservers on a domain with DNSSEC, We recommend that you always unsign the current zone and remove DNSSEC for the domain before changing the nameservers. After the redelegation wait for about a week before activating DNSSEC again.

Domain names

Will my domain name, website or E-mail be affected by a move to Name ISP?
No settings or services will be affected during a registrar transfer. Only the administration of the domain will be transferred. You should however make sure that your current registrar or hosting provider will not terminate any services before transferring the domain. Once the transfer has been completed, you can change any settings for the domain through the client area.
How do I get my authorization code?
To generate the authorization code (also called auth code and EPP code), log in to your account at www.nameisp.com and then click My Domains. Click on the domain name, and then click Generate Authorization Code, just above the Status heading, enter the password for the user account and then get the code. If that button is not there or if you're having trouble trying to get the code, please contact us through a support ticket. To create one, press Support, and then select Create Ticket.
How much does a domain cost?
Prices for the different top-level domains vary and on the following page you have the opportunity to read more about it: https://www.nameisp.com/en/domain-names/all-top-level-domains
What is the status Action required?
If you get this status, please contact support via a support ticket for further information on the matter. To create one, press Support, and then select Create Ticket.
How do I transfer a domain to my Name ISP-account?
To transfer a domain to your account with Name ISP, you need to log in to the client area and search for the domain in the search bar which you can find to the left of the cart. Press transfer, and make sure to fill in a potential authorisation code and confirm. Go to the cart and follow the instructions. Please note that some top level domains do not use auth code, and also that the time it takes to transfer a domain may vary. Please contact our support if you have any further questions.
How do I register a domain?
To register a domain, search for the requested domain name in the search bar to the left of the cart. Make sure you do not include www. If the domain is available press Add to cart and go to the cart. Follow the instructions to send the request. Please keep in mind that terms and service agreements may differ depending on the tld. Check the following link for further information. https://www.nameisp.com/en/domain-names/all-top-level-domains
How do I hide my whois details?
The information shown in whois is controlled independently by each registry. We for that reason have no way to affect what is shown and what is hidden.
What is auto renew?
You have the option to activate a function called Auto Renew. About 30 days (may vary depending on the tld) before you need to renew your domain, the system automatically creates a renewal order and sends the invoice to your Email. When the invoice is paid, the domain will be renewed. If you do not pay for the renew order, the domain will expire. To enable this feature go to My domains and then Manage. In the Status box you will find Auto Renew. You press there to activate/ deactivate.
How do I cancel a domain renewal?
As long as the renewal is not paid you can of course cancel the renewal. To do this, log in with your account and then select My Domains. Then tap the current domain and turn off Auto Renewal, located in the Status box. The next step is to return to My Domains and press All Orders. In that case, look for the order for renewal of your domain and press Cancel. Then the invoice for this renewal will be cancelled within 24 hours.
How do I cancel my domain?
If you want to cancel a domain, you need to first follow the steps in the article "How do I cancel a domain renewal?" If you do not wish for a website to show when the domain is visited, you can remove the records for the domain. If the domain has our name servers, go to My domains, followed by Manage. Press DNS/Redirect, and remove the records shown there. When that is done, all services connected to the domain will stop working.
What is local presence?
Many top level domains require that the individual owning the domain lives in the country, or has some other connection to the country, like .NO. It is not always an easy task for an individual or small company to solve this, and for that reason we offer local presence. More information can be found here: https://www.nameisp.com/en/domain-services/local-presence Prices for local presence may vary depending on the top level domain. Feel free to check your price list for further details.
What do I do if my domain has expired?
If your domain has expired you need to create a renewal order as soon as possible. Go to My domains followed by Expired. In some cases a restore of the domain is required, and those domains can also be found in expired. Press Restore, go to the cart, and follow the instructions. A restore can never be guaranteed to succeed. In the case a restore will fail,a refund for the cost of the restore will be done to your user account.
How do I change the owner of a domain?
The owner, also called registrant, can be changed through my domains. Check the domain and press "Order Registrant Change" Choose a new contact or fill in the details of the new owner, and complete the order. An email will be sent to the account owner in case we need any further information or ID.
How do I transfer a domain between accounts?
Domains can be transferred to another account by retrieving the authcode for each of the domains that needs to be transferred. The authcodes will need to be added during the transfer process to the new account. If you can not generate an auth code, please get back to us in a support ticket.
I have a complaint regarding a domain. Who do I contact?
If you have a complaint regarding a domain where we are the current registrar, send an email to abuse@namesrs.com. You will only get a reply when we have started the case. The case will be handled internally, but in general, we will only contact the owner.
How do I renew my domain?
You start with going to my domains. On the right side of the renewal date is a drop down menu where you can choose how many years you wish to renew the domain. In some cases you can only renew the domain by a year, depending on rules of the registry. Once you have chosen the amount of years, press the green cart button to the right of the drop down menu, followed by the cart in the upper right corner. When the payment has been registered in our system, the renewal will be processed.
The button Generate authorization code does not appear, how do I retrieve the code?
For some top level domains, the button Generate authorization code does not appear. The reason for this may be that the top level domain either does not use a code or we may need to retrieve it manually for you. Please get back to us in a support ticket so that we can help you further.
Do you offer SSL certificates?
Yes, we do offer SSL. You can place an order by creating a support ticket, where you confirm which domain, type of certificate you want and confirm that you accept the fee. You can find what SSL certificates we offer and also the prices in the following link. https://www.nameisp.com/en/domain-services/ssl


Can I receive the invoice by E-mail?
For enviromental purposes we always send invoices by email. For that reason, always make sure you keep invoicing details up to date.
Which payment methods do you offer?
We have a few different payment options. Swish (only available with a Swedish bank account), credit card payment, PayPal, and payment through bank transfer and IBANN. Payment through Swedish bank transfer can take a couple of days, while international payments with IBANN can take a few days before they get registered in our system. In the case the order is urgent, we recommend using any kind of direct payment.
Where can I find my invoices?
Sign in to the client area, press Economy, and then Invoices. There you can find both paid and unpaid invoices. If you wish to obtain the document with the invoice, press on the invoice number and then click Shareable PDF.
How do I get a receipt for my payment?
If you wish to receive a receipt on a paid order, you can find it by logging in to your user account on our website, press Economy and then Receipts. To obtain the receipt, press the receipt number and then Shareable PDF. If you would like a specification of the payment and how the order was paid, please view the invoice.
How do I change my billing address?
To change your billing address, you start by logging in to your user account, press Account and then Edit billing information. Fill in the new information and confirm. Please note that the new information will appear first on the next invoice and not on existing ones. The invoices will always be sent to the billing address of the account. Please make sure that the information always is updated.

Client Area

How do I change my username?
To change your username, you need to contact us through a support ticket. To create one, log in to My Pages, click Support, and then click Create Ticket.
How do I change the password for my user?
To change the password you log in to your user, press Account and then Security. Insert the new password and then the current one. To complete the change of the password you press Save.
How do I terminate my account?
An account can only be terminated completely if there are no active domains, orders or credits in the account. When it's completely empty, contact us through a support ticket. To create one, log in to the client area, press Support, and then Create Ticket.
I've forgotten my account password, how can I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten your password go to the client area and press Forgot your password. Enter your username and confirm. You should shortly receive an email with a link that you press to choose a new password. Please keep in mind that the email does not end up in your spam folder.
How do I know what my username is?
Your username most commonly is the email address used to contact you. If you are still not sure what your username is, feel free to contact our support department.
How do I transfer ownership of my account?
It is not possible to change the owner of an account with us. Instead, you will need to create a new account and transfer any domains to the new account. Please note that the ownership of the domains will not be changed if transferred to another account.
I do not want the newsletter, how do I turn it off?
To no longer receive the newsletter, log in to your account, go to Account and then Settings. In Account settings you can switch off/on "Subscribe to newsletter".

Get started

I can not create a new user and it says that I should contact the support?
In most cases, it is because there is already a user registered with this Email address. Please try to reset the password by pressing the Forgotten Password-button located just next to where you pressed to create a new user. If your E-mail address is registered, you will receive an E-mail with a link to reset the password. If you do not get it, please check the spam. If you can’t find it there we ask you to contact our support.
I need an email address connected to my domain, how do I proceed?
In the domain fee email aliases are included with your domain and can be forwarded to your already existing email account. We have a great youtube video which shows how to proceed with creating a mailforward of an email address to another one, in this case Gmail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIZphmVrl4U You can also sign up for other email services with a provider of your choice and set up the domain to the correct email servers.
How do I create a user account?
The first step is to press Create account and fill in the information as requested. Then check that the correct data has been entered, then click Create account. When you create a client account, a verification link will also be sent to that email address. For that reason, it is important that you write the correct address when you create your account. Once you receive this email, press the link and your client account will be verified.


Do you accept power of attorney?
No, we do not. You can read more about it in our general terms: https://www.nameisp.com/media/1266/name-srs-general-terms-20200401-en.pdf
How do I remove the information about me?
If your user account is not in use for a longer period of time, it will be removed automatically. If you still wish to get it removed, please log in to your account and create a support ticket.
What is my data used for?
It is used to be able to deliver the requested services in accordance with existing laws and rules.
What information do you gather about me?
Name, address, Email, Phone number, personal ID/ organization number and IP-address.
How long does it take before I get a reply from the support?
Our goal is to reply as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of cases, response time may vary. If you contact us by email/Support Ticket we usually reply within a few hours in the case you contact us on a weekday. It may however in some cases take up to 48 hours before you get a reply. We have limited possibilities to reply to cases during weekends. Please note that if you send us another reply with a new message before getting a reply, your case may get delayed internally.
Do you have an operating status page?
Name ISP has a page where any downtime is reported. Feel free to save the following page in your bookmarks: http://status.nameisp.com/